Everything Happens For a Reason…

       Life is not easy as we think. There are times where we will break down but that does not mean we can’t stand up again. We all have struggles that we face everyday but why do we encounter them? Don’t we deserve to be happy?

      I, as a student faced many trials such as that hurt me emotionally,mentally and physically. As a teenager, I experienced heartaches. Well yes, we all know that in this stage of being a teenager, we fall in love. Some says it is only a puppy love but some don’t agree with it. I was a believer that love does not come with age because when you feel it, you feel it. I was in a relationship where I thought everything was perfect. The fairytale dream I was looking for. But I guess not. It seems like fate played with us. I never thought I would lose him but maybe that is what is meant to be.                          

    Choosing this course of planning to be a pharmacist someday, was not really my plan at all. I really want to be a flight stewardess but I realised it that maybe it’s time to repay the hardships of my parents so I chose the course that my dad wants. I thought everything will come very smoothly. But then again, I realised that the the path that I chose was not easy. Those subjects were killing me. I never thought that college will be that hard. You need to balance everything most especially time. 

    Maybe these decisions is what God has planned for me. Even though there are struggles, I need to be strong. Like what they say, you cannot make a rainbow without a little rain.